What does Co-operation with MKM Ltd. Tax Firm mean to you?
  • engagement in client’s affairs
  • reliability
  • service adjusted to individual client’s needs and expectations

To meet our clients’ expectations, our tax firm offers services in the range of maintenance books of account, income and expenditure tax book as well as complex HR and payroll services.

Understanding the importance of experience in our line of business, we can be proud of the quality of our personnel and our continuous improvement of their qualification in such fields as tax law, accountancy, labor law and knowledge from the range of national insurance schemes which let our customers feel safe.

Additionally, the extensive experience in tax and accountancy practice and the certifications awarded to all of our head accountants guarantees the highest quality of service for our clients.

Thanks to regular co-operation with the Licensed Auditors Office, Legal Adviser Office and Tax Advisers our customers can be comfortable with the accuracy of our advice.

Taking full responsibility for executed services on behalf of our customers, and so that that our customers can bestow their full confidence in us - we are insured in PZU S.A. firm from the civil responsibility.

One of our aims is to involve our customers as little as possible in the tax matters connected with conducting their undertakings. Using a designated Power of Attorney, the burden of contacts with the Tax Office or the Inspectorate of Social Security Authority (ZUS) falls on us. Our customers can concentrate on their business activities knowing that we will settle all indispensable formalities for them.

We believe that we will win also your confidence.