We all have to deal with taxes from time to time. Using the services of a tax adviser is becoming an essential part of managing a business today as the tax environment is continually changing, leading to tangible consequences for tax payers. In many cases, outdated knowledge of tax laws or application of high-risk solutions may result in disputes with tax authorities (National Revenue Administration). By relying on our tax advisory services, Clients can focus on doing business and be sure that the solutions we propose are effective and offer appropriate tax security.

Our team of experts is led by the managing partner:
Marcin Janeczek, tax adviser

Marcin Janeczek is a chartered tax adviser, authorised to keep accounting records on a service basis. A graduate of the University of Economics of Katowice, with a major in accounting.

Mr Janeczek has over 15 years of experience in tax and accounting. He began his professional career as an accountant working for a Lufthansa subsidiary and then moved to managerial roles at firms keeping accounting records on a service basis, including for international groups.

An Of Counsel for reputable law firms and legal counsels, Mr Janeczek specialises in advising on income and value added taxes as well as tax optimisation of transactions.

He has experience working with the Big Four audit firms, carrying out projects for international corporate groups.

He speaks fluent English.
We offer a full suite of tax advisory services:
ongoing tax advisory services
This includes oral and written tax advice on issues relating to business activities, sale of property or equities, as well as other transactions
preparation of requests for the issue of tax rulings by the Head of the National Revenue Information Office
A favourable tax ruling reduces the tax risk connected with a given issue, especially in cases where divergent interpretations have been issued by tax authorities and administrative courts. This solution allows the tax payer to mitigate future tax risk already at the tax planning stage
analysis of draft agreements in terms of tax aspects
Entering into civil-law agreements which have been reviewed in terms of compliance not only with civil law, but also with tax laws limits the risk of a transaction being challenged during a tax or customs inspection. Such a comprehensive review also serves to secure the Client’s interests in the event of fiscal law changes affecting the Client’s business transactions
preparation of legal and tax opinions
On request, we prepare legal and tax opinions, issued either to determine the tax effects of a single transaction or as part of a comprehensive tax advisory service
tax planning and optimisation
We offer a full range of services related to tax planning and optimisation which help to put in place solutions designed to reduce current and future tax liabilities and minimise the risk of adverse decisions being issued following tax and customs inspections
mergers and acquisitions
Restructuring of businesses and related tax planning requires prudence – our tax advice covers the entire process: from assumptions and a restructuring plan, through preparation of documents, to accounting for tax on the transaction
representing Clients in proceedings before tax administration bodies (National Revenue Administration) and administrative courts of the 1st and 2nd instance
Engaging a Tax Adviser, i.e. a professional authorised to deal with tax administration bodies and administrative courts on Clients’ behalf, ensures protection of Clients’ interests and helps them feel secure. In many cases, the engagement of a professional adviser is crucial in obtaining a resolution favourable for the Client
support in handling tax and customs inspections and investigations, including those concerning unreported income
Representing the Client, on the basis of a power of attorney, during tax and customs inspections and investigations frequently helps prevent the instigation of tax proceedings, mitigating any further negative tax consequences already at the stage of inspection or at the stage of lodging objections or providing explanations for the inspection report
preparation of complaints, grievances and appeals
Granting a power of attorney to represent the Client during pending tax proceedings or just taking advantage of tax advice when preparing a complaint, grievance or appeal helps to eliminate the risk of procedural mistakes
preparation of annual tax returns, declarations and information
Tax advisory services used in the preparation of tax returns help to make efficient use of tax credits available to tax payers, thus reducing the amount of their tax liabilities
tax audits, including for the purposes of due diligence projects
Tax advisory services performed as part of tax audit processes serve to examine the correctness of tax records and fulfilment of tax obligations imposed on taxpayers by applicable laws. A tax audit makes it possible to identify potential tax risks, propose more effective solutions, and make necessary corrections to prevent the potential consequences of irregularities being found by a tax inspection or investigation
transfer prices – documentation, advice, review
Tax advice related to transfer prices includes determination whether there is an obligation to keep tax documents, identification of key risk areas, as well as preparation, assistance in preparation, or review of transfer price documents required by income tax laws
international tax law
We advise on international transactions taking into account the provisions of double taxation treaties. We offer tax advice regarding withholding tax on dividends and royalties, accounting for intra-group services, or joining a cash-pooling arrangement
advice on tax and insurance issues connected with employment of foreigners in Poland
We advise foreigners deciding to take up employment in Poland and foreign entrepreneurs in connection with their employer status. Our tax advice includes assistance in implementing complex solutions related to employment of foreigners.

If you have questions regarding tax advisory services, call the tax adviser at +48 608 393 202
or sent an e-mail to marcin.janeczek@kancelaria-mkm.pl